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Dear Dot

Dear reader. Let me introduce you to a new section of the blog. While my overall intent for Songbird in the Kitchen is to share recipes, music, art, artists, and their stories, I also want to share Dot. Who is Dot? Dot is a nickname given to me by my dear friend, Lisa. You see,… Continue reading Dear Dot

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Mississippi Mud Cake

I'm a preacher's kid. Did you know that? Some of my fondest memories are of church homecomings, or dinner on the ground, as we called them way back when. There are nine children in my family and I'm smack dab in the middle. You know what that means! I was both the peace keeper and… Continue reading Mississippi Mud Cake

Book Review

A Haven Amidst Perdition-Review

Raw, engaging, truth cloaked in fiction. A Haven Amidst Perdition pulled me into the pages and left me breathless, heartbroken, in awe of the grittiness of humanity, and grateful for a happy ending. A story steeped in poverty, hopelessness, ignorance and desperation. Author Sidra Owens, immediately immerses the reader into the story of a young… Continue reading A Haven Amidst Perdition-Review

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Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cake

My husband lost a dear uncle this past weekend. The last of his father's immediate family is now gone. His uncle was 84 and his health had been in decline for a while. We were waiting for company to arrive Sunday evening when we got the news. But, we were so shocked that we didn't… Continue reading Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cake

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Pretzel Buns.

Can I just stop there? Do I need to say anything else? I have pictures to prove that I made these beauties several years ago, but I must've deleted my recipe by accident, or surely I would've made them again! Pretzel Buns You guys! Speechless! I tell you, I'm speechless! That's a good thing! Let… Continue reading Pretzel Buns.

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Food, Fellowship and Tiramasu

I love food, anything to do with it (even dishes), but especially cooking or talking about it-and teaching...even more! I had the opportunity to join the lovely ladies of Chi Alpha at Morehead State University this weekend for a "Taste of Italy" cooking workshop.  We gathered just before lunch to give it our best with… Continue reading Food, Fellowship and Tiramasu